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6 Day Eat Clean Challenge

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This is by far my favorite program for the brand new client or someone who is looking to get recommitted to their health goals. It's a simple program designed to show how staying focused on your nutrition for six days can help lay the foundation for any monthly plan. In this challenge you will receive support and accountability, fitness tips, nutrition info and meal planning guide.  Trial option is available for this program (NEW CLIENTS ONLY) 


This program focuses on burning fat. In a world of low carb, high fat diets this program helps you make healthier choices all while increasing healthy fats and decreasing body fat percentage.

30 Day Fat Burning Workout Included. 

This program is geared towards those looking for a cleanse. In this program we focus on detoxing in all areas-mind, body, and spirit. This cleanse helps get rid of toxins and unnecessary waste. Private accountability group open to those interested for tips to getting rid of the “ish” no longer serving you. 

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Reset, Renew, Refresh:

21 Day Balancing Program

This 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition program is perfect for those ready to go ALL IN in all aspects of health. This program includes a 30 Day Nutrition plan along with 2-4 workout sessions per week (price may vary depending on which you choose) with a Certified Personal Trainer. One on One Sessions are available to those local to Raleigh NC (virtual options available to those not local)

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Feminine & Fit

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