[ kon-fi-duhns ]


“ a feeling of self assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”

Confidence is the foundation to everything you do in life and without it there isn’t much you can accomplish. I coach you to “SHOW UP” in all areas of your life in the way that looks good on you. What most people don’t realize is confidence looks different on everyone and I help you figure out what your garment (confidence) is and how to wear it in a way that best fits you.


Trust the wait. 

Embrace the uncertainty.

Enjoy the beauty of becoming.


[ mahynd-set ]


“the established set of attitudes held by someone"

Mindset and Confidence go hand and hand and can often be viewed as one in the same. Whatever we train our mind to think is what will be. I help you establish positive thoughts towards action steps that you want to take to reach your goals and have the life you want to live. We work together to eliminate negative and self sabotaging thoughts and turn them into a positive and powerful way of thinking.


“Keekee has been such an inspiration to me!! From late night texts with bomb ideas to help build my business to phone calls asking me to write out my goals and asking how can she help! Always pushing me even when i didn’t want to be pushed or thought my dream wasn’t enough to make come true. As a mom of 2 I would easily get sidetracked from my plan and every time she’d be right there to bring me back to focus. I value everything that comes from her and I’m so happy to have her in my corner cheering me on and giving me the confidence to go for my goals!”


Angel Hoff
Personal Trainer & LMBT


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