Day One is the easiest.....

I'm sure there are quotes on the google images page that talks about "starting being the hardest part" and if I am being completely transparent I used to be one of those people who thought this to be true. At this point in my life I respectfully disagree. Starting is easy, attainable and don't hate me but----it also requires minimal effort. To start something, be it starting to write a paper, start your car, start a new weight loss regimen, start getting up earlier etc, simply means your are DECIDING to do it. Once a true and line in the sand decision is made it's typically no turning back. Whatever you set out to do, it's going to get done because nothing can stop a made up mind. But what happens when the made up mind starts to wonder? What happens when the adrenaline from starting something new wears off? What happens when you're on day 27 trying to make it to day 30 and your fire from day one is no longer there? It's what happens AFTER day one that matters most. This is when the ish hits the fan and you separate yourself from being a talker vs a doer.

When you set out to do something that requires a length of time beyond a day of commitment, you typically set yourself up from success. For example once you have a made up mind that you are finally ready to shed that quarantine 15 you create a healthy foods grocery list, you "youtube" workouts,you pin every last healthy active lifestyle board on Pinterest, you reach out to someone to ask for help and create a do all the things. You make sure you are thoroughly prepared for day one because you're finally ready for a change. I know what you're thinking "Kee that's a lot of planning and doesn't seem like the easy part" but in comparison to day 15 on your new regimen when you're craving ALL of the sugar and you worked 10 hours and working out doesn't seem high on the "want to do list", just getting started is easy af.

To continue anything beyond day one requires discipline beyond motivation. It requires loyalty to yourself and may even have you out here looking crazy to those not in your bubble. What and where will you tap in when you find yourself at a breaking point and continuing doesn't seem fathomable is the part you need to square away before starting anything. Who will be the voice when you become silent to the thoughts that you can do anything. When you turn the volume down to the song "I Know I Can" by Nas in your head, who and what will make you turn that shit back up. Its when you're in the trenches, wondering why you even started this "thing" in the first place and how will you make sure you finish it, that matters the most.

So if day one is the easiest, how do you get through the toughest days after:

  1. Decide that resolve is the only're doing whatever it is until...

  2. Get an accountability partner---as crazy as this may sound but you're more inclined to be accountable to someone else before you are fully accountable to yourself---we tend to give ourselves more grace than we need

  3. Write out a thorough plan and place the "finish line"in visible places---when you put pen to paper magic happens and when we constantly see light at the end of the tunnel, its gets easier. Want quarantine 15 gone? Buy that dress that is one size smaller than you need and hang it where you can see it often.

  4. Remember why you started. The "how" and the "continuation" is the easy part when your WHY is strong af

  5. Be okay with starting over or tweaking the plan if needed. Everything doesn't have to be done in one take----you're not a rapper in the studio and if you are keep running that ish back until its make you have the song on repeat.

If you have made a decision to start anything, you have done the easy will you complete the hard is what I wanna know

Ya favorite homegurl


Remember in ALL things Be You

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