I gave birth.....

I was at a networking event for GirlBoss Conglomerate LLC and the guest speaker said "When you are born, you're born with a gift and you have to go through some things before you give birth....but its your gift to give birth to". At this time I was already in a re-branding phase and my chapter in Surviving in Silence: Overcoming Domestic Violence was just about finished and headed to editing but that statement struck a chord with me. Because I was the host of the event I tried very hard to keep a straight-face and stay in host mode but deep down I was thinking "How the hell did Mrs. Barbara know I had an idea that I needed to give birth to?". With everything I had going on, I felt like this idea needed to stay on the back burner. "What time would I have to give birth?" "What time would I have to nurture this new child?" "So many people have said over and over again the season for this "child" was over." "Per the 'influencers' rants on Facebook I am not qualified to birth this gift." With all those questions and thoughts in my head, I tuned Mrs. Barbara out and kept being the best host I could possibly be.

I first heard the phrase "Get out of your head and get into your heart" at a training event. It resonated then but not in a big way as it did at a later time. After going through the ebbs and flows of business the only thing that would calm my nerves was thinking of this phrase and writing. Writing has never been a strong suit of mine but one day I decided to take my experience with domestic violence to Facebook and write a post a day sharing my story. This gave me a freeing feeling so I started to journal and guest blog. Writing became my peace even with all the "not so grammatically correct" way of writing things. Being a "featured guest" or a "with Keekee Lennay" was all I ever wanted to do when it came to this writing thing but because I had this idea that needed birthing, any time I participated in a project it would always lead me back to "Get out of your head and get into your heart". Damn, why couldn't I just be a guest feature.

I've never physically given birth but from what I've been told only ONE person gives birth. While there are numerous players in the birthing experience there is only ONE person who can push a baby into this world. I know this to be true but I'm big on team oriented things and to do something alone is scary AF to me. So I sat on this gift until the contractions became to tough to bare and it was time to go into labor and prepare for birth.

Anytime I had a free moment, I would write journal entries about my journey through entrepreneurship and how when I moved with my heart in mind, I made decisions I was happy with *cues Get out of your head and into your heart". I searched for blogs that talked about leading with your heart and found a few articles that were great and almost made me second guess this thing but I could hear Mrs. Barbara Lee saying "You have to give birth to your idea, no matter what".

So help me welcome to the world Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart blog born August 5th at 10:34pm. A blog where I discuss the ins and outs of leading with love, eliminating the crazy thoughts we let our head make us believe, and understanding our heart is the true beat to this drum we call life.

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I decided to rewrite my story

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