Overcoming, when the real "work" begins pt 2

This series continues with Surviving in Silence: Overcoming Domestic Violence author Sumorcon Harris. She drops some inspirational nuggets and "how tos" in her interview.

Tell me about yourself.

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother who’s focus and determination is to allow God's light to shine through me that He will be glorified. I'm an active Minister at Legacy Ministries of Gastonia, NC under Pastor Chip Hall. I also serve as Director of the Legacy After School Empowerment Center. I'm the creator and founder of Ministries Outside the 4 Walls, Inc. Ministries Outside the 4 Walls is a Non-Profit Organization which services individuals within the community from various divers walks of life. Individuals who seek to practice as well as participate in positive outcomes. A major component of this practice and participation is building a foundation through provided services such as but not limited to workshops, seminars and enlightening activities. In addition, I'm a songstress/songwriter as well as Praise and worship Leader. Currently, I've completed (2) recorded albums with a soon to be release of my third album entitled "Life Crisis" in 2020. 

Why did you decide to participate in this project?

I decided to participate in this project because I desired to share my life testimony on how boldly taking a courageous stand amidst adversities will completely transform your life. In sharing my experiences, I aspire to encourage others that, though faced with unfamiliar experiences, tragedy, trauma and crisis, to continue pursuing life with hope, unmovable faith and unconditional love. Never give up or give into things which come to test your strength. Be an inspiration and strive to empower others which in chance, will make a monumental difference in this world. My ultimate goal is to spread God's love as a living beacon of hope. I want others to know that, through all the hurt, pain and tears, there's a greater cause and call. If we answer the call without fear and trust the foundation placed before us, we'll initiate change which will provide platforms for generations to come. 

Someone out there is looking to overcome, what is ONE tip you would give them?

I would encourage you to understand and remember, God covers and loves you dearly! Always, no matter what you do, say or think. He created you in "His" own image. What God created; He calls it good. Through all the pain, tears, shedding and suffering He didn't make a mistake when He created you. Reconnect. Be reminded of the blessings and triumphs He’s brought you through. Continuously remember who were then and are now does not determine who you’ll become. No matter what someone says to you, about you or how they may express things that may make you feel less than. Never ever forget who God created you to be. I encourage you to fight! Fight to be the best, perfected you which God has set before you were born.  Devote time alone with God. Learn how to embrace self. Practice genuine self-love and authentic care. Keep your faith because I tell you, God will never let you fall, slip or move too far away from him. Keep your faith. Focus in as well as on God. Also, please know you're never alone.  Step out of your comfort zone by talking with someone you don’t know. Begin to build connections which will branch into support groups. Research community resources that you can participate in and be a part of. Take on a mentor or accountability partner that will encourage you on your journey to become the next “Overcomer”. I cannot tell you that this road will be easy. However, as you take advantage of the resource that are designed to assist you, the healing process will begin. You’ll no longer feel broken. Choosing to forgive and accept others will become first nature inclining a transformation within. Don’t worry. You got this! God got you! You are truly desired and unconditionally Loved!!!

What is your superpower?

I would say my Superpower would be "the infinite light” of a lighten bug. Lol. Why?  Because, my goal in life is to bring God's light, love, accompanied with happiness and joy which would bring a smile to someone’s day. With the assistance from the Highest Creator, I can create all that I can imagine and more. I can create memorable events, write and compose intentional heart-felt music, develop and author poetry, say the weirdest but unique things, and perform the best show that would enlighten and impact someone’s day which may have started off a little dark and gloomy. 

Sumorcon, we salute you for telling your story. You will change lives. I'f you would like to support Sumorcon, you may purchase the book at http://sheropublishing.com/shero-authors?fbclid=IwAR3FY1NTO1BJNVHD0JhmIphU9jPRo8sOrjLvOXCZfRWAKUC8aofJ0j8Gzdw Make sure you click on her name and proceed with payment.

Thank you Somercon

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