Quarantined with nothing to do, I took a deeper focus on my skin

Since we are locked in the house ill take a moment and be transparent—-besides a simple face wash and a little moisturizer here and there my skin has never been a priority for me. Even with very sensitive skin it sort of got the short end of the stick when it came to taking care of myself. But why? I think in a world where we are so focused on the size of our waist or wearing the latest fashion we forget about our biggest organ—our SKIN. Being a melanin filled girl I often forget how magic my skin is and being trapped with my Quarantine crew via Marco Polo they helped remind me the importance of a skin routine so here is my open letter to you.

You have the magic, and you know it. It’s starting with your most visible feature: your beautiful skin. Your chocolatey hue turns heads and makes others wonder how you maintain such magic. Well, the secret is in melanin, and it’s in maintenance. When little black girls are old enough to know their names, they also learn how to love their skin.

Why Melanin is Magic

According to Encyclopedia.com, melanin is the protective element of the human body that absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays released from the sun. As melanin is found in hair and skin, and gives the brown hues to beautiful people around the world; it is also the part of the human experience that can change how one may view themselves amongst others. Needless to say, there is more to melanin than pecan tan and caramel hands. Melanin is magical because it plays a huge role in the aging process, or the anti-aging process. If you’ve ever heard the adage, “black don’t crack”, you know what I mean. Women with brown hued skin tones are often hailed for their supple, taut, and glowing skin.

“... it plays a huge role in the aging process, or the anti-aging process.”

Now, even if you understand the concept behind “black don’t crack”, you also have to be aware of the necessary steps for maintaining that stunning skin.

Here are 5 must haves for beautiful brown skin.

1.​The Right Moisturizer. ​How well you feed your skin will directly affect how well your skin shines for you. Using moisturizers with sunscreen and Vitamin C are essential for melanin maintenance.

2. Sunscreen for Brown Skin. ​Yes, your pretty brown skin still needs sunscreen. You may not need a SPF 50, but you definitely need to protect your top layer of magic from the harmful rays of the sun. Melanin helps ward off the rays, but it doesn’t make you immune.

3. A Skin Routine. ​Your skin is your largest organ, and you must take great care of it in order to see the magic happen. Just as you need a balanced diet, you have to have a balanced skin routine. Wash your pillowcase regularly, smooth on a nightly serum for hydration, relax with a mask made of good fats and oils, and lessen the stress.

4.Loads of Hydration. ​Half of your body weight should be fluid, and since your skin is the largest organ it’s using up most of your fluid intake. Dry skin means more fluid. Remember alcohol and caffeinated drinks won’t count in hydration numbers. Water is the best option.

5.Healthy Boundaries. ​Stress can play a huge role in the way your skin feels, looks, and absorbs toxins. Be sure to keep your friends’ circle tight and your skin tighter.

These were my takeaways from 5 beautiful brown women on skincare, stay tuned for more of our shenanigans during the quarantine. Stay safe and clean.

With love,


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