Room 619

At 201pm on February 13th I walked out of Nourish Raleigh not knowing I was going to have a 24hrs that would change my life.

I was never the bitter single woman on Valentines Day but I always associated this day with a romantic relationship so for the last six years I treated February 14th as just a regular day. The year 2020 I was blessed to welcome in my life a group of women who I hold extremely close to my heart (blog about this friendship coming very soon) and one day during our typical “girl talk” I was asked what I was doing for Valentines Day. *insert confused bunny giphy*. While I was confused on why these single women were asking about celebrating V-Day my mouth said “I’m booking a room at a hotel in downtown Raleigh and treating myself”. I’m not really sure where that came from BUT I said it so I had to make it happen. I booked my room, got coverage for Nourish for Sunday, made a pedicure appointment, booked a massage, and read The Baddie Bylaws (I always tap into this book when I need to be reminded just how badass I am--purchased your copy at

I checked into my room on the app and opted to let them pick the room for me and I was given room 619. I used my digital key and immediately felt a sense of calm, peace and instant refreshed feeling. As a new small business owner I couldn’t tell you the last time I just “sat”. So for the first twenty minutes that’s all I did. I sat in the chair in the room looking at the flowers I bought for myself earlier that day (another first) and took in the downtown feel and luxury-ish room.

I turned on my music, poured me a drink, and the femininity in me made her appearance. She danced. She laughed. She blew herself kisses. She told herself that she was fine af. She affirmed that this overnight experience would be everything she needed. She ran herself a bath. She enjoyed her nakedness. She spoke life into her body. She for the first time in a long time felt feminine and it felt so damn good.

After my bath I put on my lingerie. I admired the way I looked. I love the way I felt while wearing it. I sent my homegirls a few sneak-peeks and kept a few pics for my eyes only. I felt sexy. I felt good. I felt seen. Did I mention I felt good. I pranced around my room with zero cares and negative zero effs to give and I just felt like “that bitch”. My body was relaxed from my massage, my skin was glistening, my buzz was doing what it needed to do and my vibration was giving what it needed to give.

I climbed into the king size bed with my sexy pajama set and felt so good about my decision to book a room a block away from my studio apartment. I hadn’t felt this sexy in a long time and I thought it was the lingerie and whiskey when in reality I had finally gave myself permission to be. I gave myself permission feel. I gave myself permission to experience. I gave myself permission to be free. The next morning I woke up renewed and ran another bath. While talking to my mama on Duo I vowed I would do spontaneous things like this for myself more often. I packed my overnight Glam-A-holic duffle and tote and walked out of room 619 rejuvenated and I decided I deserved to feel all the feels from the last 24hrs and would require anyone who crossed my path to give me those feel including myself.

Room 619 owes me nothing and ill never forget the adventure it gave me.

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