Stop putting words in folks mouth—especially mine

With more time being spent on social media due to the Panoramic we’ve been in for almost a year there has been an ongoing debate about “women wants” vs “men wants”. As a single woman navigating life during this Pinocchio I’ve gotten in more Facebook arguments about the wants of a women vs the wants of a man that I can keep up with.

Typically when a woman has a laundry list of things thats she requires in her mate, especially if said potential mate is of the opposite sex, she is met with “well what about his needs”. I’ll be honest that response use to make me clutch my pearls because I never want to be known as the girl who thinks what a woman wants in a relationship is all that matters. However, today during a conversation it made me realize that folks really be putting words in folks mouth and just hearing whatever. When a man—-or anyone for that matter asks me “Kee, what are you looking for” I‘m going to always respond with my expectations, intentions, wants and desires. When I do this I am in no way saying because I want said things what the other person in the potential relationship want is not of value. My desires are my desires. My wants are my wants. My expectations are my expectations. And my intentions are my intentions. The key to it all and tricky part if I am being honest is to figure out if our wants, desires, expectations, and intentions are in alignment with one another. Me being particular about the things I value and look for is in no way shape form or fashion neglecting or putting down what he may value. Folk hear your list and immediately say things “well what about him/her—you cant forget about what they want” and my response from now on will be “Stop putting words in my mouth” and if youre really getting on my nerve I’m gonna throw in a “who said what they wanted wasnt important” eye roll too. If you ask for my intentions in anything I am going to always speak for Kee and for Kee only.

I know its coming. “Well Kee in anything and everything comes compromise”—-youre absolutely right Sherlock, compromise is needed no matter the nature of the relationship but you didnt ask that—your question was “As far as a relationship what are YOU looking for—-heavy on the YOU” And every single time I going to tell you exactly what I want, exactly what I expect, exactly what I desire and all of my intentions. And guess what you bet not do?.......Put Words in My Mouth and think when I am responding with all my preferences that I am somehow saying someone else preferences doesnt matter.


Im siccud yall.

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